The most beautiful skin texture…

The most efficient way of keeping a radiant and glowing complexion is to make a habit taking care of your skin on a daily basis. Depending on your skin type, we prepared some series of small gestures, personnalized programs and tips to accompany you in your everyday beauty rituals to keep a beautiful skin at every stages of your life.

What is your skin type?

Skin’s mood fluctuates. Without its nature changing radically, it can become a bit more like this or a little bit more like that as a result of a general state of being, because of hormonal changes or even because of environmental influences.

But do not panic, unless there is a real pathological issue, you just need to keep an eye on it to respond to its punctual needs.

You do not have any particular skin problem?

You have a normal skin. This is a real blessing because only a happy few have inherited such a skin type. It is actually a very rare ideal as an adult.

Its characteristics: a fine-textured grain, a smooth texture, supple and elastic, no dilated pores, as well as a clear complexion free of blemishes, luminous and glowing.

Problems: none in particular

The answer: basic care. Do not neglect your skin because it does not present any problems. Without good hydration and a daily protection, your beautiful skin will not be eternal!

You have a thin skin, without dilated pores?

You have a dry skin. Beautiful, your skin needs to be taken care of nevertheless, not to become problematic.

Its characteristics: often a bit dull, it can lack suppleness, elasticity and even sometimes feel tight. It is prone to redness.

Problems: it lacks oil, its corneal layer finds it difficult to retain moisture and the hydrolipidic film on the surface is affected. Hence a very reactive and fragile skin.

The answer: intense hydration and reinforcement of the protection barrier.

Nothing worth mentionning with regarding the cheeks, but your T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin) shines easily?

You have combination skin. Your skin is not really fragile but needs good care. It is found amongst most 25-40 years old women.

Its characteristics: The T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin) has an oily tendency and the outer areas (cheeks, temples, jaw line) are rather dry and fragile. It often shines by the end of the morning. Sometimes some eruptions can appear.

Problems: a double personality that is not easy to control.

The answer: hydrating and protective agents that have the right balance between a light hydration, to regulate sebum production without drying out the skin.

Your skin is thick and shiny?

You have oily skin. This type of skin does not only have disadvantages, since it is more resistant than others and that it ages slower than dry skin.

Its characteristics: a coarse look and a slightly dull coloured tone created by asphyxia. It is prone to blackheads, especially on the nose and the chin, as well as to pimples. Wearing makeup is compromised on this type of skin.

Problems: overproduction of sebum, bad oxygenation and dehydration.

The answer: a matt finish and non-comedogenic ultra light hydration that regulates the sebum production, with a close protection against UV that have a tendency, after summer, to worsen the production of seborrhoea.

Does your skin become red and inflammed for no particular reason?

You have a sensitive or reactive skin. More sensitive than other types, this type of skin requires a lot of attention.

Its characteristics: a predisposition to all sorts of reactions such as redness, tingling, breakouts, tightness, burning sensations…

Problems: epidermal mood swings caused, most likely, by an increased loss of moisture in the epidermis.

Result: a weakened skin barrier that allows the evaporation of water from the skin.

The answer: calming hydration.

All skins can experience this sometimes.

Its characteristics: your skin displays temporarily all the characteristics of a dry skin, to the power of 10: a dull complexion, a coarser texture, tightness, a scaly effect, small wrinkles, and sometimes eruptions. Very uncomfortable, it pulls in an unpleasant way.

Problems: it is thirsty. Sun, wind, cold, fatigue, stress or too aggressive cosmetics have altered its moisture level and increases by a notch its imperceptible moisture loss.

The answer: immersion in rich hydrating products that will bring moisture as well as preventing its evaporation.