The unique beauty heritage of Monte Carlo

With more than 30 years of experience, Margie Lombard is a beauty expert. Having started her career under the wing of a prestigious beauty school, she has been rapidly recognized by her clients and her career was soon to take off.

In 1988 Margie opened her first Spa in Monaco. This was the start of a concept which was soon to become the signature of her expertise. Being specialized in facials, she felt the need to develop her own products, that corresponded to what she had envisioned.

With these products, Margie has become a pioneer in biomimetic cosmetics. Nowadays, the brand has an international reputation of prestige, thanks to the quality of its formulae and the efficiency of her signature treatment.

A prodigious skin texture for all stages of your life

At twenty, we determine the skin we will have at forty, at thirty we determine the skin we will have at fifty, at forty we determine the skin at sixty, and so on… Genetics play a very scarce role in skin aging: what matters more is our lifestyle and the way we treat our skin.

Our products will accompany you alongside all stages of your skin’s life by fulfilling its needs at every decade. Our in Switzerland created formulae are unique, as they were formulated using biotechnology. These formulas will allow the skin to keep its exceptional texture.

The quality of our facials and products which we offer in our beauty salon, situated in Monaco, is recognized by an exigent clientele. Thanks to this, the world’s most prestigious spas offer our products.


Margy’s Ultimate Radiance Aesthetic for THE PENINSULA HOTEL SPA in HONG KONG is the winner of the Medi-Spa Treatment of the Year at the ASIASPA Awards in 2016/2017