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If there is a city that personifies dreams, that city would be Dubai. Everything seems possible in this small island of splendour and modernity, where futuristic buildings emerge out of the desert, housing the most luxurious hotels in the word.

Talise Spa at the Madinat Hotel

Facing fine sandy beaches in the Persian Gulf, the exceptional Madinat Hotel brings traditional and contemporary styles together so you can truly be immersed in the tale of One Thousand and One Nights.

Away from the Dubai turmoil, Talise Spa is a bubble of well-being and delight. Here you’ll find Margy’s anti-aging programme for a complete beauty treatment for your skin.
Thanks to the active ingredients, Margy’s treatments are equipped wih a highly effective and revolutionary technology. Whether you choose the collagen and hyaluronic acid face treatment, the anti-aging treatment or the super lifting treatment for men, your skin will be deeply transformed.

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Talise Spa at the Zabeel Saray

Zabeel Saray Hotel fascinates from the second you set your eyes on it. Its Ottoman-style facade contrasts with the modernity of the buildings in Dubai. Once inside, a grandiose voyage awaits.

By stepping through the doors of the Talise Spa, become a real princess, enjoy the jacuzzi, sauna and hammam, let yourself be enchanted by Margy’s treatments and their exceptionally pure, active ingredients, used to transform your skin’s appearance. The collagen ‘Botox Effect’ treatment and anti-wrinkle “Revealing Facial” leaves skin intensely hydrated and smooth. Wrinkles are lessened and any new signs of aging are slowed.

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Talise Spa at Burj al-Arab

In the shape of an immense sail, the silouette of the Burj al-Arab Hotel is recognised all around the world. This gigantic temple of luxury situated in the Persian Gulf, in addition to being one of the most beautiful establishments in Duabi, is also a symbol of modernity.

Literally on water, Burj al-Arab’s Talise Spa is the ultimate destination to revistalise yourself. Bathing in natural light, this revolutionary spa offers a never-seen-before sanctuary, where you can experience Margy’s high quality treatments. The Prestige range, which specialises in all things anti-aging, deeply stimulates the skin. It becomes visibily healthier, smoothier and firmer. Find soothing and hydrating properites in Margy’s BBs, a cream combined with foundation, for unbeatably bright and soft skin. Finally, Margy’s body treatments accelerate intercellular exchange to tighten and tone skin tissue… A complete range for a new skin!

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ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis The Palm Hotel has a private beach with an incredible view of the Persian Gulf. An aquarium, a swim with dolphins, an aqua park: water is at the heart of the hotel’s decorations and activites, for a complete immersion in the land of relaxation.

The ShuiQi Spa will give you an unforgettable experience, reawakening your senses in a sumptuous environment that inspires peace and serenity. It’s a calm place where tranquility, opulence and pleasure reign. Thanks to Margy’s collagen anti-aging mask and their radiant lifting face treatment, your skin rediscovers vivacity and brightness.

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