Exclusive skin care treatments
in Monaco and in the World

A variety of treatments, known around the world, which effectiveness, no longer is in question.
The team of international therapists who administer these treatments have been exclusevely trained by myself.


The Gold Mask
Beauty Amplifier – Complexion Ehancer

The Treatment aims at slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin. Gold conducts ions which stimulate cellular growth of the basal layer, regenerating firm skin cells and providing a tightening effect.

The Mask transmits “signals”, special, medium and modulated. The signals automatically combine themselves depending on the desired effect.

Four distinct results :

  • For sensitive skin: reduces risk of inflammation and will reinforce the skin texture
  • For oily and thick skin: intracellular detoxification and purification of the cells
  • For dry skin: rebuilds and firms the muscle fiber
  • For dehydrated skin: restores elastin, regenerates the cells and builds up the collagen

There is no comparable procedure worldwide.

iBEAUTY: Become your own beauty specialist !

Margie's motto is that the very best of skin care products will only be fully effective if used appropriately.

Spend an educational hour, in private, with a qualified skin care therapist, who will guide you on how to best use the Margy's Monte Carlo product line.

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