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- « Feeling Guilty » - October 2015

Feeling guilty ANNABEL KANTARIA experiences the world’s most luxurious facial
at Dubai’s stunning Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

“A wrinkle is no more than a lack of collagen on the skin,” says therapist-to-the-stars Margie Lombard, creator of exclusive skincare brand Margy’s Monte Carlo. She tells me this as I lie back on a treatment bed ready to experience the 90-minute Margy’s Prestige Collagen Facial (Botox Effect) followed by the über-luxe Gold Mask Treatment, the latter of which is available only at Margy’s in Monte Carlo and at the Talise Spa in the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.


And, as celebrity facial technician, Yoko, who has travelled with Margie from Monaco, deftly assesses the condition of my skin, I find myself wondering if we sometimes overcomplicate things with our current obsession for results borne by scalpel, laser, ultrasound and needle.

What could be more natural – more obvious – I think, than to treat a lack of collagen on the skin than by laying pure collagen over it? Yoko begins the treatment with a gentle cleanse to prepare my skin. Her fingers dance over my face, gently massaging, and I imagine this is how it must feel to be an A-lister: although Yoko is discrete about whom she treats, I know from the press kit that her clients include Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Shirley Bassey and Claudia Schiffer. Every Margy’s facial has a standard protocol, which is then personalised for each client. Yoko starts my treatment by applying Prestige Triple Concentrate Serum to my face using a “lift-up” massage technique. Application techniques are a major part of the Margy’s philosophy: according to Margie herself, a product’s efficacy is not maximised unless it is applied using the appropriate method. It is to this end that Margy’s introduced the iBeauty concept – an institute in Monte Carlo where clients can learn how properly to apply their products. Feeling gilty – world’s most luxurious facial at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

Once the serum has sunk into my skin, Yoko applies algae patches to my face, which she moistens with toner. The patches emulsify and Yoko slowly massages the resulting product all over my face, neck and décolletage using strokes designed to remodel, drain, stimulate and lift the skin. The overall effect is so relaxing I have to stop myself from falling asleep. Yoko then removes the algae from my face – I blame the Alpha brainwaves for why I’m hazy on exactly how this was done – then, after one more application of the Prestige Triple Concentrate Serum because my dehydrated skin is apparently “drinking it up”, Yoko applies the hero product of the Margy’s line: the Extra Rich Firming Mask. This, she tells me, is a product that should be used every day, ideally in the morning: apply a thin layer to your face, wait between five and 20 minutes, then massage it into the skin using the Margy’s technique until the product has been fully absorbed. The application technique that Yoko uses is not one I could personally replicate at home, especially the super-fast pinch-and-pluck stroke, which I can practically feel lifting the skin higher up my face, but she tells me this is not so important at home. On my own, I must simply be careful to apply the product in upward and outward strokes, and in circular strokes around the orbital eye bones – inwards on the lower bone; outwards on the upper. Doing this on a daily basis will provide a cumulative effect that both lifts the skin and softens lines. Only now are we ready for the collagen. The sheet of dried, pure collagen Yoko’s going to use looks a little like paper.

She asks if I’d like to cover my lips and eyes or cut holes – given that the collagen will have an all-round plumping effect, I opt to keep everything covered, and she lays the sheet over my face, moistening it with toner to make it stick to my skin. It feels rather like being covered in papier maché but not in a bad way. I lie still for some time while the mask works its magic and then Yoko simply peels it off my face, like rubber, when the time’s up. The facial’s “Botox effect” Feeling gilty – world’s most luxurious facial at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray  – a patented complex of botanical peptides – which relaxes the facial muscles and features, easing out wrinkles. The facial finishes with an application of Prestige Triple Action Day Cream and Eye Zone Renovating Fluid and then we start on the Gold Mask Treatment. This involves covering my face with a mask made of 24-carat gold chain mail, through which electrical micro-currents are conducted. Software developed by Margie enables the therapist to choose one of four programmes designed to detox, stimulate, regenerate or illuminate the skin. It’s an exclusive treatment: only two of these gold masks exist. One is in Monte Carlo; the other is about to be lowered onto my face. Yoko spreads conductive gel over my face, positions the mask and turns on the current. As I get used to the tingly sensation, she increases the power fractionally until we find the level that works best for me: the facial should not be uncomfortable. “It’s like gymnastics for your skin,” Yoko tells me and, 20 minutes later, once the gel is cleaned off, I finally get to see the results of her hard work in the mirror. While I don’t look 20 years younger, what I do look is plumped, smoothed and rested. For the first time in decades, I step out in public without any makeup at all. And that’s saying something when you live in Dubai. Margy’s Prestige Collagen Facial (Botox Effect) – £96/£141 for 60/90 minutes Gold Mask Treatment – as an addition to any Margy’s facial – AED £179 for 20 minutes

Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong

- October 2015

Luxury at the Peninsula

Platinum Magazine Hong Kong

- September 2015


Margy’s Monte Carlo has always been the top beauty treatment among Monaco’s nobility. The Peninsula Spa has now brought this treatment to Hong Kong, nor only for women, but men can also come along be young again.

The Peninsula Spa sends their therapists to Margy’s Monte Carlo lnstitute in Monaco for one month of training. Margie Lombard, founder of the Monegasque beauty brand, specifically designed four anti·ageing facial treatments for this collaboration. The rare active ingredients of her top-quality, Swiss-made skin care products were especially developed for ageing skin and have a remarkable Botoxlike effect. Yet they are noninvasive and have no side effects. No one wants to look old, with wrinkles and black spots on our skin. Margy’s products contain oxidoreductases, vitamins A, E, and 85 complex, sea plant extracts, and aromatherapy essential oils. They are efficient moisturisers, with hyaluronic acid and other top anti-ageing ingredients. They effectively reduce the harm caused by inflammation and maintain a balance in the skin et a healthy standard.

Among the four facial treatments, the one you cannot miss is the 100-minute Ultimate Aesthetic Facial Treatment. The therapist will first briefly analyse your skin, then use a revolutionary technology that transmits ultrasonic waves and controlled heat into the deep tissues of the skin. The treatment stimulates growth of fresh nerves with collagen and elastin from the internal structures of the skin, which help improve skin quality and fight ageing symptoms by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and firming the skin.

Margy’s Super Lift V1tamin C Facial for Men is like beauty magic. This treatment focuses on skin fatigue and dogged pores, making skin glow again. Alter a skin analysis consultation and a 15-minute nourishing mask and firming facial massage, the therapist uses Margy’s signature ‘lift up’ technique to soften the skin. Hot towels are applied to open the pores, followed by a Collagen Vitamin C Mask which balances the skin’s naturel oils and gives skin a radiant glow. Except for the spa treatments, you can take home products from Margy’s Monte Carlo. The product range includes collagen masks, serums, moisturising creams, cleansers, toners, and eye creams which will take care of all guests’ skin care and beauty.




- « My Luxury Moment » - August 2015

August 2015 – Elle Diary Tiffany Ng.


- July 2015

Other Press clips in Hong Kong.

7 days Dubai


- « Luxury treatment at the Jumeirah Akaru Spa » - January 2015

7 DAYS, DUBAI JAN 6 2015

Claire Sharrock tries a Margy’s luxury treatment at the Jumeirah Akaru Spa

Who’s Margy? Margy Lombard is a pioneer in skincare with her own high-end range of anti-aging products and treatments. Ever since she studied with the famous Carita Institute in Paris at the age of 18, Margy has made it her mission to find



solutions for skin ageing and create products to help restore the skin and keep it young. She was one of the first specialists to use collagen and hyaluronic acid in her products and credits these as her ‘star’ ingredients. Now in her fifties, her

eponymous range is highly prized in the industry and much loved by celebrities and royals, including Shirley Bassey and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

What’s so special about her skincare range then? Her products feel wonderfully luxurious and they work too. They are created to mimic the properties of the skin’s own active compounds to target the origin of skin degradation – namely inflammation. Vitamins A and B5, hyaluronic acid and collagen are all used to enhance the skin’s ability to stay hydrated – the most essential ingredient, Margy says, to young-looking skin.

What’s the actual facial treatment like? Knowing this is a treatment usually enjoyed by high society in Monte Carlo (where Margy has her own salon) already makes you feel pretty special as you lie back for the experience. What follows is adapted specifically for your skin, in terms of products applied, and intensely relaxing as the therapist uses a special massage designed to lift the muscles of the face. It feels wonderful and is a technique pioneered and taught to the Akaru team by Margy herself.

As well as the massage, the facial involves the application of special algae patches for firming and a collagen mask that plumps the skin. “We are giving the skin more of what it already has so when people ask me are my products natural – I say they are more than natural, they are what is in our skin,” Margy explains.

As usual the team at Akaru are knowledgeable about the products they are using and you feel you are getting a personalised experience, rather than a one-size-fits-all treatment.
And how did you look afterwards? Really fresh and my skin was plumped up – overall like I’d slept for hours! The Margy’s facial really does have an instant result and it doesn’t leave you blotchy or looking like you’ve been prodded and poked like some facials do. You could have this treatment the day before a big event or special party no problem – you’d look fabulous. The following day, two separate people commented on how great my skin looked. The 60-minute version is Dhs 475, with the 90-minute, that includes the collagen treatment, priced at Dhs 615.

To book a Margy’s facial, phone Akaru Spa on 04 230 8565
or visit


- « “Best Signature Facial Treatment’ » - December 2014


Six Senses Zighy Bay Wins ‘Best Sustainable Initiative’ and ‘Best Facial Treatment’ At The Middle East Spa Awards.

Six Senses Zighy Bay was awarded ‘Best Sustainable Initiative’ and “Best Signature Facial Treatment’ for their Margy’s Prestige Facial at the Middle East Spa Awards, which took place last night at Meydan Beach Club.



Having had much success at the awards in previous years, Six Senses Zighy Bay is delighted to have been bestowed another prestigious accolade.

In attendance on behalf of the resort was Souhel El-Achbah, Director of Spa and Steven Goulding, Proprietor of ZaZa, Director of Distribution of Margy’s of Monte Carlo, the luxury spa products used at Six Senses Zighy Bay. Souhel received the award to a great applause from his peers and fellow industry professionals. Upon receiving the award, Souhel was quoted as saying, “Industry recognition from such a high calibre of judges demonstrates that the spa at Six Senses Zighy Bay delivers measurable results. Each of the awards bestowed this evening belong to the team. Together we look forward to what recognition 2014 will bring.”

Sponsored by Enigma Beauty Group, the awards were judged by an international panel of independent industry experts, who visited Zighy Bay on a number of occasions as part of their judging procedure. For Six Senses Zighy Bay, the honour is recognition of their vision “to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them”.

This award completes a winning year for Six Senses Zighy Bay, which began the year by winning Best Sustainable Initiative and Best Hotel at the Middle East Hotel Awards and Oman’s Leading Resort, Oman’s Leading Spa Resort and Oman’s Best Luxury Destination Spa at the World Travel Awards. This is Six Senses Zighy Bay’s third year of winning an award at the Middle East Spa Awards, as last year they won the Best Sustainable Initiative and in 2011 they took home five awards including Best Destination Spa, Best Spa Director, Best Spa Therapist, Best Spa Design and Best Green Initiative.

Six Senses Zighy Bay is located on the northern Musandam Peninsula in the Sultanate of Oman. The setting of these 82 authentic, village-style pool villas is spectacular, guarded by the dramatic Hajar Mountains and private sandy beach.


INDULGE Jan 2013

- January 2013

INDULGE DEC 2012 – JAN 2013

Evolving beauty

Meet the pioneers who are changing the face of the cosmetics industry

Skin Science
whether you prefer to go au natural or don’t mind a bit of chemical assistance, these two doyennes are wowing skincare experts with their potent potions.

Margie Lombard
“I try other products to have an idea about what is offered to consumers, but I’m addicted to the way I produce and manufacture my skin care range. I’m 55 and have been passionate about this industry since I studied at the Carita school in paris aged 18. Shirley Bassey, Claudia Schiffer, Tina Turner and Princess Charlene of Monaco all love my products because they work.
Margi’s youth factor is an overall solution for all types of skin ageing phenomena. Based on the biomimetic properties of active compounds, the skincare range targets the origin of progressive skin degradation, namely inflammation. inflammation increases the sensitivity of the epidermis, then causes dehydration, before destabilising defence mechanisms and the immune system. Vital components of the skin’s architecture are destroyed resulting in a wrinkled furrow.
The common thread of this entire product range, namely the youth factor, acts as a shield and plays a role in the skin balancing action. The anti-ageing ingredients are made up of proteins of specific molecular weight and selected to meet the needs of our skin at ever y stage of our life, along with oxidoreductase, an essential compound in the fight against various aggressors, a vitamin a, e and B5 complex, active compounds extracted from terrestrial and marine plants, essential oils, and hyaluronic acid to enhance skin hydration and the function of the active compounds.
As time goes by, the epidermis becomes inefficient at responding to aggressions and wrinkles develop, but it’s not too late! The youth factor limits the damage caused and to ensure that the dermis remains in good condition. The ingredients in my products, sodium hyaluronate and collagen, the base to re-structure the skin, also make them suitable for the healing phase post-plastic surgery.
The ingredients in Margy’s are not diluted with water but used in all their pureness. Results wise, this is so important to me. To maintain my youthful appearance, I try to workout three times a week; it regenerates the skin and activates the blood circulation. I also do my treatments as often as I can while I’m in Monaco in my salon.”

Megan Larson
“When I set out to make Sodashi, the main aim was that they be effective. Being chemical-free was a secondary goal. With the right formulation chemical-free skin-care can be luxurious and also achieve exceptional results – nicole Kidman, australian model Nicole Trunfio and Mel B are just some of Sodashi’s fans.
All of our products are high performance. Two years ago when Sodashi launched our Samadara ultimate Age-Defying cream we really showed people that chemical-free and high performance anti-ageing can sit together. This is a cream that we’ve had five years in the making and we’ve seen it regenerate skin cells, remove pig mentation disorders and sun damage… clearly it is anti-aging. we’ve regenerated décolletages, improved skin tone. My mother is a great example – she practically doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face!
Skin cells regenerate every four to six weeks. if people eliminate food from their diets and are trying to get a healthy outcome, typically it takes three months. The skin too takes a full three months to get a full turnaround cycle. If people use Sodashi products properly and ensure they use the concentrates, they should start to see a change in their skin within two weeks.
Anti ageing is twofold – it comes from external and internal. Where chemical-free really fits with people is if they do have a dedication to internal health and wellbeing. You’re really going to see a turnaround if people are going to eliminate aging foods from their diet – sugar, caffeine, alcohol – all the things that people love but that are typically very aging to the cell. it also depends on the stress factors in people’s lives – stress is one of the biggest effectors of ageing.
My life is about eating well, good antioxidants and good skincare. I meditate twice a day – I do a technique that has researched proof that it is very anti ageing. I do the tibetan five rights every morning which are known to keep the body healthy and strong. Beyond everything is a good, positive mental attitude. If you look at something and see the wonder and beauty in it, that’s positive; if you look at something and always see the negative in it I think that’s ageing!
A lot of products you get are good quick fixes. They have plumping effects, whereas Sodashi doesn’t have anything synthetic or any fillers in it. Sodashi is very concentrated, pure and extremely nourishing so your skin does improve and also long-term you’re not putting stuff in it that you have no idea what effects they may have.
It’s not about one particular ingredient; it’s a synergy of ingredients and I think that’s something I’ve really been able to get right. You can use one essential oil and it will be wonderful but if you use two that really work together then the sum becomes greater than the part – potent and more effective without causing any sensitivity.
I source the best of the best ingredients. The rose oil comes from the Isparta valley in turkey and costs over AED3,000 a litre so it really is the best most active regenerative oil you can get hold of.”

Finer Fragrances
Sick of smelling just like everyone else out there? We meet two singular scentsations determined to change the way the world buys perfume.
Deana Wyland-Fries
“One day, I was in my garden in Dubai and had just peeled a tangerine. I then picked a kumquat blossom and pressed the two together. I was so excited! I had just created the most beautiful ‘wood chi’ scent. “As the founder of the world’s first bespoke chi scent, I can promise you that no other individual in the world will have the identical perfume. All you need to do to create your own perfume is to book a meeting with me and come armed with the date, time and geographic location of your birth.
No scent is the same, but each one combines nature’s beauty with luxurious perfection and ultimate attention to detail. I have spent the last three years in research and development with Sylvain Fourré, a passionate and dedicated Master perfumer in grasses, france to develop our base scents from which we create the bespoke perfumes. They are available for both men and women in beautifully handcrafted bottles.
I have even created perfumes for the home and businesses to augment the effect for my clients. Because the perfumes are truly bespoke, they can be tailored to each individual’s needs. It would entirely depend on the individual’s elemental makeup, but we can create a perfume for daytime and evening if requested.
There is no general rule of thumb. There cannot be, because each person is different! A Bazi (Chinese Horoscope) chart consists of many characters and what a person needs is determined by the intricate relationship of the Five Elements at the time of birth and what elements dominate the current life phase that they are in.
As a Bazi, or Chinese Horoscope Master, I am able to determine what elements a person needs to balance the energy in their physical and emotional body. How a person’s self element interacts with the other elements in their horoscope paints a picture, gives me clues, shows me where the imbalances lie and how to fix them. So, every time I open a horoscope I get a glimpse of what I call Elemental DNA – it shows me what I need to give my client in order to balance the flow of elements in their body and their life. Every chart I open takes me on a new journey, every chart paints a portrait, tells a story… just like a perfume.
I am totally passionate about Chinese Horoscopes because I have seen first hand how accurate they are. What is fascinating is the fact that Chinese Horoscopes look at the bigger picture. There are three Chi that govern your life: Earth Chi – the energy that is directly in your environment; Human Chi – this is about how much you are willing to invest to succeed in life; and Heaven’s Chi – the energy of the Universe and your ‘predetermined’ path.
In a world that is moving so quickly that it is hard to keep up, balance is key. What’s more, the olfactory sense is the sense that has the closest link to our brain. Scents take us back to places we’ve been, people we have loved and precious moments we have shared. They give us comfort when we feel lost, power when we lack strength and can balance our mind and body. Since the beginning of time we have used the healing powers of roots and flowers to gently heal and create a greater sense of wellbeing. It is in fact scientifically proven that 75 per cent of our emotions can be governed by a single smell in a given day and that expo- sure to a pleasant scent can improve our mood by 40 per cent. So how could a perfume that balances your energy and is created especially for you not help you feel better?

Kilian Hennessy
“I create what I like, what I feel doesn’t exist. I believe a beautiful perfume is a great story. The emotion comes in words and the words come from the name. I don’t see how it should be otherwise. You cannot imagine Mozart trying to compose music without having the theme, the story the music has to express. Perfume is the same. You can’t create perfume without emotion and the perfumer needs to understand that the notes should echo the words. That’s how we work. I don’t like the word concept – I’m not interested in target and the type of women it will attract. I’m just interested in telling stories and who- ever likes it, likes it. My new fragrance, In The Garden of Good and Evil, is obviously a metaphor and a play on the Garden of Eden. I think most people stand some- where in between with one shade of grey – what makes life interesting is to be able to go from one to another. The object of this story for this collection is about for- bidden fruit. This was a challenge because I don’t like fruit! Fruits are 99 per cent sweet and synthetic. They are the epitome of mass – in my 16 other perfumes I haven’t entered the world of fruit. So I set about creating a cool, fruity perfume that doesn’t smell cheap. To do this we started with an accord of fruit but we dressed it with spices, woods and flowers. When you smell my scents you won’t say, “Oh it smells like apple.” Apple is so boring!
Real luxury cannot be disposable luxury. When you finish your bottle you throw it out – you cannot think about throwing away luxury. When it is disposable then it becomes mass. That’s why all our bottles are refillable and that’s why we work really hard inventing bottles and packaging that can be reusable.
We pride ourselves on having an eco-luxe philosophy. In that sense luxury should lead the way because luxury is timeless and it is not disposable. A product that creates no waste is the ideal product for the planet.
I like the idea of building a collection, a wardrobe of scents in people’s homes. I don’t think people use the same perfume every day. People today are more savvy – more cultured – when it comes to perfume. They know that this perfume is perfect for winter, this one is for summer, this is for when I want to be dressed up, if I’m feeling a little naughty, or I want to be romantic… You have to have the right scent.
Steve Jobs once said, “It’s not that Apple has lowered itself to reach the masses, it’s that the masses have risen up to reach the Apple products. Because in the end it’s about spending up to $700 for a phone and $2,000 for a computer – it’s not a small amount of money. It’s a great example in the sense that I don’t want to go lower to reach the masses. I think the brand needs its own development time and little by little if we do our work correctly that maybe people will realise that spending around AED1,000 for perfume is not that crazy. The issue is that for the past 80 years all the so called luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL have been imposing to customers that a so called luxury perfume cost under AED300. Teenagers spend more money than that on jeans. Ripped jeans! It’s just a question of shifting mentality and of brands building desire.”
By Kilian perfumes are available at Harvey Nichols.





- November 2012

HELLO! 22 November 2012

“I’m very proud to say that one of my best clients is Shirley Bassey”

Arriving at Margie’s private villa in Zabeel Saray on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, we are greeted by her lovely son Arpad who takes HELLO! through to the living room where Margie is working hard on her laptop. “The emails never stop coming!” she laughs. As the creator of her own line of beauty products, Margy’s, and owner of a Monaco-based salon by the same name, this jet-setting business woman admits there’s never a dull day at the office. We caught up with the charming expert, who now lives in Switzerland, to talk about bringing her brand to the Middle East and her tips for turning back the clock …

Welcome to Dubai! How are you finding your stay here? “I’m having a wonderful time! I came for a holiday here about a year ago and I really fell in love with the city. Like Monte Carlo it’s very multicultural so I’m enjoying exploring and sightseeing when I’m not working.”
Are you excited to have your brand in the Middle East?
“Yes, absolutely. I get a really great vibe from Dubai and I think my clients from this area will be happy they don’t have to fly to Monaco to get my products anymore!”.
Your career began with a salon, why did you decide to create your own skincare line?
“I was educated as a beauty therapist in Paris when I was 20 and I had a real passion for skincare. I had the opportunity to open my salon and I became unhappy with the products I was using and really wanted the best for my clients so I decided to create my own line.”
What are the most important ingredients that you use in your line?
“Women ultimately want see quick results from every product they use so I like to stick to hard-working ingredients like collagen, euleronic acid and heavy moisturising agents.”
What can women realistically do to turn back the clock?
“Moisturising is a key element in skin care that I come back to time after time. It’s so important to feed your face the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and keep the sun whenever possible.”
Describe your daily skincare routine…
“My day starts with my milk action lotion, it wakes up the skin and is so easy to apply. Then I use my firming mask, it cleans, moisturises, firms and leaves the skin with a gorgeous glow. It’s a bestseller for us and really helps your makeup stay in place throughout the day.”
Tell us about your celebrity fans…
“I’m very proud to say that one of my best clients is Shirley Bassey, she’s got such flawless skin. Tina Turner and Princess Charlene of Monaco also come to my salon to have a facial which is a real honour.”
Margy’s is famously exclusive, why did you choose to keep it this way?
“It was never something I planned – my clients actually range from women of all ages and all backgrounds who just really want results. But being based in Monaco, Margy’s Salon does have an exclusive air about it.”
Describe your typical day at work…
“Emails, emails and more emails! I spend a lot of time making sure the quality of each product is up to scratch and visiting the labs where each piece is made. Between checking my products in Moscow, Kazakhstan and Thailand over Skype in Switzerland I’m constantly busy!”
How do you spend your time off?
“I love to just relax and going hiking in the mountains with my son. I’m also an avid cook, mainly French
cuisine but it’s a definite passion of mine.”


Margy’s Monte Carlo can be purchased at the American Academy of Cosmetic surgery at Healthcare city and Dubai Duty Free as of December.





- « The Jet-Sets Elixir » - June 2012


The jet-set’s elixir

Margie Lombard, who owns an exclusive salon in Monaco, produces a range of beauty products that were previously only available in this super- glam coastal resort. Now, the products are available to buy and order in Dubai

It is a thankfully temperate morning in Dubai and the sun is beaming down from a gloriously blue sky as I make my way to a villa at the Palm’s Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel to meet Margie Lombard, the creator of an exclusive brand of beauty products that you’ve probably never heard of. If, however, you happen to be flicking through this magazine while on a sun- lounger in Monte Carlo, or your friends Shirley Bassey and the Monaco royal family have already given you the inside scoop on their favourite face cream, then you’ll be smugly au fait with the exclusive skincare range that has been the jet-setting beauty insider’s brand of choice since the mid-1980s.
Presented in glitzy gold and white packaging, the range of 20-plus products encompasses every aspect of facial care that the discerningly high-maintenance demand: from masks to wraps, serums, moisturisers and cleansers to toners, eye creams and firming masks. They feel and smell divine, and with the samples I’ve been given to try, I admit that I’m a little bit hooked and want to know more.
Lombard welcomes me into the villa, which overlooks a sparkling blue pool. “The Palm is my favourite spot in Dubai,” she notes as we make ourselves comfortable on the sofa. “It’s got the best feeling in the city, the lifestyle is great.” It’s certainly the most salubrious when you’re used to glamorous Monaco, where Lombard has been based since 1998. “I do get celebrities in my salon all the time – it’s normal for Monaco,” she admits with a smile. For a woman who is used to rubbing shoulders with royalty – or rather rubbing cream into their faces – she is remarkably down-to-earth. Softly spoken, with a hint of transatlantic French and German in her accent, she has a soothing air about her that makes me feel instantly relaxed. Her clients read like a who’s who of the beautiful and wealthy: Roger Moore and his then-wife Kristina, singer Tina Turner, the royal family… “Rainer was always a fan but Caroline is not so into beauty regimes… her daughter Charlotte [Casiraghi] has been in a few times though,” notes Lombard. “Cary Grant was a client – his wife was also in my salon, a lovely looking lady.”
Lombard studied at the prestigious Carita School in Paris under the auspices of sisters Rosie and Maria. “It was a very strict Jesuit school; very hard, but such a good basis for my career,” she says. With other alumni including Laura Mercier, actresses such as Catherine Deneuve, along with minor European royalty, would turn up to get their make-up done there. It was a formidably tough education and the most highly regarded beauty institute of its time.
She began her career working as a beautician in another enclave of wealth, Gstaad, before moving to Monaco to set up a salon in the fiercely cliquey principality, a home and playground to the wealthy and fabulous. “It wasn’t easy to set up in Monaco [in 1998],” she admits. “It took some time.” It was clearly time well spent however, as she hasn’t looked back. Primarily through word-of-mouth, the brand has come to be a favourite among well- travelled beauty insiders. From this month it is available in Dubai for the first time, with the travel pack exclusively distributed at Dubai Duty Free, or by phone (+971 55 3908224). Meanwhile, explains Lombard, customers can have products delivered to their homes. She tells me, off the record, about a partnership with a leading global hotel group set to open its doors imminently in Dubai, though I am sworn to secrecy until everything is officially unveiled later this year.
As I pick at a platter of Arabic sweets, Lombard, petite in an elegant dress, with subtle gold jewellery reflecting a mop of shiny blonde hair, desists, insisting that she is “on a diet”. Instead, she talks me through the range, which is displayed on the table next to us, and explains the science
behind Margy’s.
“Margy’s key ingredient is collagen. As you age, your skin’s collagen reduces. My products stimulate collagen and contain hylaronic acid – these are my two star ingredients. Today, these products are common in the beauty industry, but 25 years ago they were almost unheard of.” She adds with a twinkle, “My agent tells me I was very avante garde.”
The products were initially created for facials, but Lombard was driven to create her own range after noting that she wasn’t getting as good results using other products. She teamed up with a doctor specialising in chemistry and dermatology to produce her own range. “My first products were just for the salon, but my clients started asking me for more,” she says.
I ask her which is her stand-out product and she picks up a pot. “My star product is this extra-rich firming mask,” she explains, gently massaging it into my hand. “I created this for ladies who want to do everything in five minutes. You leave it on for five minutes and it has four functions: it will clean, moisturise, firm and leave your skin with a fantastic shine. It even works as a make-up base. Then, if you have more time, you can put it on as a thicker layer and leave it on for 20 minutes; it will even work around your eyes to help with puffy eyes if you haven’t slept well. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture, while the cleansing of the skin is achieved through the addition of talc and, for the firming, there is lemon extract and my own anti- ageing cocktail, which includes peptides of soya protein.The high percentages of hyaluronic acid and the lemon extract mean you see the results straight away.” Her products contain high levels of these undiluted ingredients, which she attributes as the main reason they are high on visible results.
I comment that the fragrance of the creams is addictive: it’s heady, but does not smell synthetic. Lombard is a fervent believer in all-natural fragrances for beauty products, and the scent is a mixture of essential oils: sandalwood and geranium. “Perfumed products give you spots,” she says.
Lombard tells that the most common mistake she encounters among her clients is that they’ve chosen the wrong product for their skin type. “People buy a product and don’t know what it is. A proper consultation is so important, because people forget that the skin is the biggest organ we have and you cannot just use anything on it. A lot of people use products that are too oily – they think that because it is oily it is better, but that is not necessarily the case.” She also advocates the use of collagen-boosting products, citing the fact that collagen production starts to decrease in women as young as twenty. I ask her about her own skincare routine. “I start my day with my fantastic lotion and then I use the firming mask, and when I rinse it off, I apply the triple-concentrate, which gives the moisture and has an anti-ageing effect. The serum is the most important and if I had to choose between serum and cream I would choose the serum as it gives the most power to the skin. In the evenings, I use the collagen mask
– a 20-minute mask that really lifts and firms the skin: the mask is collagen and the solvent is hyaluronic acid. Restructuring collagen is really my credo.” And with that our time together is finished. I leave Lombard to her next appointment and step back into the Dubai sunshine; with a soft sheen of cream across my skin I feel for a fleeting moment as pampered as one of her loyal Monaco clientele.

“People forget that the skin is the biggest organ we have and you cannot just use anything on it”

Margie Lombard launched her own range of beauty products, Margy’s, when she realised other products just didn’t cut the mustard. She has a salon in Monaco, which is frequented by celebrities, and has this month launched a delivery service in Dubai, as well as the travel set, available at Dubai Duty Free.






- « MaxiLorem » - November 2000
  • Her Story

For more than a decade, fortysomething Parisian Margie Lombard has managed her Margy’s Monte Carlo salon on the French Riviera. Once available only to Americans who could make the transatlantic trek, her line can now be bought at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman.

  • The Goods

Products that contain plant ceramides, fatty acids that Lombard claims can keep the skin firm. “Ceramides repair the ‘cement’ that holds skin cells together, asserts Lombard.

  • Take-Home Tip

Be proactive. “Think of your skin the same way you think of your body,” advises Lombard. “If you eat healthy foods, you’re less likely to get sick. By the same token,if you give your skin the nutrition it needs, you won’t get wrinkles, flakiness or oiliness in the first place.”






- « 10 beauty commandOnt's! » - October 2000

Ever After With divine inspiration, glamour intervened when staffers broke the eternal 10 beauty commandon’ts!
The result : brand-new fall-fabulous makeovers Commandon’t : Thou shalt not go lashless Before : – short lashes – anorexic brows –



biotchy skin tone – colorless lips The After Look To get heavenly, battable eyes wiggle mascara wand from left to right at the lash base, then run through to tips. TRY (1) The almay insider! Mascara, $7.50 at drugstores. To escape from skinny-brow purgatory, fill in parse areas with a dark brown pencil. TRY (2) Avon’s Eliza’s Brow Definer, $12, 888-577-2866. For poreless-looking skin, a toner is a revelation! Use it to get rid of hard-to-remove dirt, leaving skin with a smoother appearance. TRY (3) Margy’s of Monte-Carlo Mild Action Skin Toner, $50, 212-872-2747. To eliminate sinful blotchiness, sponge on a full-coverage foundation. TRY Max Factor Seamless Make-up, $9, at drugstores. To give lips divine definition and color, dab on lip gloss, blot, then reapply. TRY (4) Tarte Lip Gloss in Scarlett & Rhett, $20,

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