These small gestures are my advice that I perfected over time. I am happy to share them with you. These will guide you so that your every day Beauty Rituals will be more efficient.


conseilImgJauneYou’d better know it, skin’s mood fluctuates. Result: without its nature changing radically, it can become a bit more like this or a little bit more like that as a result of a general state of being, because of hormonal changes or even because of environmental influences.

But do not panic, unless there is a real pathological issue, you just need to keep an eye on it to respond to its punctual needs, control its excesses and calm it down when it goes off the rails. Normal, dry, dehydrated, sensitive or reactive, combination or oily…

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Margie's motto is that the very best of skin care products will only be fully effective if used appropriately.

Spend an educational hour, in private, with a qualified skin care therapist, who will guide you on how to best use the Margy's Monte Carlo product line.

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