A comprehensive response to all skin aging.

Simple, straightforward, Margy’s range of products is based on the biomimetic properties of the skin’s active compounds in order to target the origin of progressive skin degradation, namely inflammation. No wonder it is not easy to choose your beauty products!

So why the Margy’s Monte Carlo product line?

The youth factor in Margy’s range of products meets the needs of our ageing skin by playing an active role throughout the different stages of our skin’s lifespan. Unique, biomimetic, it contains all the basic components of our skin. By rehydrating the skin, Margy’s skin care products help strengthen the skin’s immune system.


In Life, Margie Lombard has a passion, almost an obsession:
Skin Beauty, she made it her creed.

Margie Lombard is an esthetician.

After her school graduation, she left for Paris and entered a prestigious Beauty School. Diploma in hand, she started on her career path right away.

Guided by fortuitous social exchanges with soon to become enthusiastic clients, Margie rented a small beauty studio at the Martinez Hotel on the Croisette in Cannes.

After a few summers in Cannes, in the 80s, praised for the quality of her treatments, Margie is offered a position in Gstaad, Switzerland. While at the head of the institute, she meets a highly selective international clientele who encourages her to continue her endeavors in Beauty Treatment.

With the help of a benefactress, she then opens her first Beauty Institute in Monaco in 1988. She perfects her own treatment protocols, combining her formal training with her own experience.

Once again, at the request of a few followers, she embarks on the creation of her own beauty products.

In 1993, she perfects her first proprietary formulas: First, The Basic Milk Cleanser, the Mild Action Skin Toner, the Performing Moisture Cream, the Performing Recovery Complex and the Body Firming Cream.

drapeau-suisseSwiss Made

Since 1995, Margie has conducted her own research with her team of specialists and has developed exclusive formulas for her skincare products. We manufacture innovative products with astonishing textures, made with quality, high-grade ingredients, so that our international clientele continues to be inspired.


Each of our products, sold throughout the world, has been designed, manufactured and packed in Switzerland. Our production is centralized in Vevey, a beautiful Swiss town near Lausanne, overlooking Lake Geneva.

Centralizing operations has allowed our laboratory to have full control over the entire process and enables the utmost efficiency in monitoring the quality of our products.


The international reputation of Switzerland in the fields of science and technology is second to none. I consider it vital to remain at the forefront of scientific research and innovations, which is exactly what has paved the way for our success and allowed our international clients to place their trust in us.

Cosmetology research is based on the precise knowledge of the physiology of the skin. To analyze its various functions and to understand the subtleties and interactions, our team relies on the latest discoveries in biology, biochemistry and genetics without hesitating to use the most sophisticated imaging devices.

We are constantly hard at work at deciphering the changes related to different aspects of skin aging (destruction of collagen, wrinkles, loss of firmness) through in-vitro skin cultures clinical trials mimicing what would occur naturally. This allows superior testing conditions of various substances and their activity.

iBEAUTY: Become your own beauty specialist !

Margie's motto is that the very best of skin care products will only be fully effective if used appropriately.

Spend an educational hour, in private, with a qualified skin care therapist, who will guide you on how to best use the Margy's Monte Carlo product line.

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